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Cycling is healthy, cheap, fast, and clean. It could be a key part of solving our transport problems and ensuring the prosperity of Chester. We know that people want to use their bikes more but current conditions put people off. Chester Cycling Campaign is pushing for a better, greener city by making cycling a safe and attractive transport option.


The Chester Cycling Campaign is working with other cycling organisations in the city and with Cheshire West and Chester council to try to achieve the following aims as stated in our constitution:

  • To develop and ensure the maintenance of a safe, convenient, efficient and accessible cycle network utilising on and off road facilities that will help to encourage greater and more widespread cycle use.
  • To reduce the actual and perceived dangers faced by cyclists.
  • To ensure that cycling is promoted as a transport mode that can have a positive effect on a shift away from the private car particularly for short trips.
  • To ensure transport and land-use developments enhance facilities for cyclists and within the Council’s hierarchy of road users policy address possible conflict between cyclists, other vulnerable road users and motorised vehicles.
  • To support members by the dissemination of information and by providing opportunities to exchange information and experience.
  • To enhance the information and advice available to members, and thus assist their cycling activities.
  • To represent members on matters of both local and national importance relating to the aims of the Chester Cycling Campaign.
  • To encourage the mobility of people who require assistance to cycle, by reason of their disability, age or social or economic circumstances.


In addition to these broad aims, we set a number of more specific annual objectives which guide our campaigning priorities throughout the year. 

Click here to read a summary of our objectives for the current year.

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Membership of the Chester Cycling Campaign is open to anyone who supports our aims.

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Click here to download a Chester Cycling Campaign flyer and membership application form.


Meetings of the Chester Cycling Campaign are held monthly on the first Wednesday of the month.  Find out more.

Cycling Matters!

Cycling Matters! is the quarterly newsletter of the Chester Cycling Campaign, distributed through local bike shops, libraries and other information points.

Constitution of the Chester Cycling Campaign

The Constitution of the Chester Cycling Campaign was approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 5 February 2003, and which was subsequently amended at the Annual General Meetings held in 2009, 2013 and 2022, and at an Extraordinary General Meeting held in July 2022.

Constitution of the Chester Cycling Campaign


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