Free Basic Bike Maintenance Guides

Person lubicating bike chainIt is easy to carry out many bike maintenance tasks yourself. Learning a few simple skills can save you money and can help get you back on the road if you have a puncture or bike fault during a ride.

The Chester Cycling Campaign has teamed up with Cycling UK to bring you a series of bike maintenance guides to provide tips on the most common bike repairs and adjustments. Choose from the list below to view or download an illustrated PDF guiding you through all the steps to keeping your bike in top condition. The guides can be printed out to make a basic bike maintenance manual, or you can download them onto your phone for quick reference when needed.

Periodically the Chester Cycling Campaign and local bike shops run bike maintenance workshops. Keep an eye out for these so you can come along and improve your skills!

The Campaign also offers free bike checks for members should you wish an experienced cyclists to carry out one of our 30 point MOT style bike safety checks on your bikes. Join the Campaign to become eligible for this membership benefit.

Members also get reduced membership fees for Cycling UK. Join Cycling UK and receive their great cycling benefits including insurance, discounts and expert advice and information. Click here to find out more about Cycling UK.


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