Campaign Wins Runner-up in Most Inspiring Group Awards!

Cycling UK Most Inspiring Group Runner-up AwardIn June 2023, the Campaign was thrilled to learn that we had been chosen runner-up in Cycling UK’s Most Inspiring Group Awards 2023. This has been a welcome recognition of the recent efforts by Campaign members to actively promote cycling as the best transport mode choice for Cestrians for their urban journeys and recreation.

Chester Cycling Campaign was formed in the late 1980s as an offshoot of the local Friends of the Earth group. It was set up by a dedicated group of people who felt that cycling as a transport method had enormous benefits for people and the planet, and needed promotion in order to challenge the domination of motorised modes of transport.

Over the years the Campaign has grown from a small band of five or six people to our current membership of nearly 250, which is a very significant number for a city the size of Chester. The group has been successful as a result of its wide range of initiatives, its ceaseless efforts to improve conditions for local cyclists, and its skilful use of a wide range of outreach methods and activities. A highly committed group of Campaign activists have taken on lead roles relating to their own particular set of skills, experience and knowledge, creating an effective force for change with the aim of getting more Cestrians cycling.

The Cycling Campaign was cited by Cycling UK award particularly in relation to ‘Being Brilliant’ and ‘Collaborating as One Team’, in addition to our efforts in the other award categories:

Being Brilliant
The Campaign has been constantly innovative in trying new ideas and initiatives to get more people cycling as documented in the nomination details.

Enabling the Movement
Empowering cyclists and potential cyclists with the skills and information they need to cycle safely in and around Chester has been a cornerstone of the Campaign’s activity for decades.

Collaborating as One Team
The Campaign uses monthly hybrid Zoom/in person meetings to cooperate and plan activities, as well as utilising a very active group email system for daily communication.

Cycling for All
The Campaign has been reaching out to women, people with disabilities and young people in order to widen participation in cycling beyond the hitherto male dominated cycling world

Believing in Better
The Campaign is convinced that cycling offers solutions to many problems facing society today, such as climate change, poor air quality, obesity and traffic congestion, and believes that a cycling society is a better and healthier society.

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