Right Turn Allowed at the Top of Canal Street

New Traffic Signal at the Top of Canal Street
New Traffic Signal at the Top of Canal Street

Local cyclists should note that right turns are allowed from the top of Canal Street into Northgate Street, a turn indicated by a somewhat inconspicuous sign. Previously cyclists had to dismount and walk their bikes around the corner, or carry out an illegal manoeuvre.  This is a very handy legal turn for those heading from the Garden Quarter or from the University towards the city centre. 

When taking this turn, it is important for cyclists to position themselves assertively in the road so that they can get to the right side of the lane approaching the corner.  Cyclists also need to be aware that right turning buses and cyclists do not have priority at the junction and the traffic lights are not staggered to allow cyclists to make their turn ahead of oncoming traffic.  Particular care is also needed if you find yourself behind a bus at the junction, as oncoming traffic will be unable to see you.

The Chester Cycling Campaign has been pressing for this turn to be allowed for many years (decades, even)!  So this is a welcome improvement for those cycling on this side of Chester.

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  1. There have been some good changes in and around the city, but at the expense of some long standing cycle routes.
    Route 56 (Bridle lane to Mollington) is becoming almost unusable due to excessive foliage, this route enables cyclists to access the city from the direction of ellesmere port without encountering many dangerous obsacles.

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