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Getting Started with Cycling

Getting Started with Cycling

Have you been thinking about getting a cycle and starting to ride? Do you have questions about what to wear, how to find your way around Chester, what locks to use, where to park a [More….]


Campaign Denounces Reckless Cycling

Concerns are often expressed about conflict between cyclists and other users of the Chester Millennium Greenway, local pavements and on the footbridge at the end of Ferry Lane. Several past incidents have resulted in fairly [More….]

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All Ability Cycling

Interactive Route, Cycle Parking and Access Map

Thanks to the efforts of Nic Siddle, one of our campaign members, and a group of indefatigable volunteers, including Eileen Morgan, our very own Inclusive Cycling Officer acting as consultant, the Campaign is carrying out [More….]


Inclusive Cycling Experience Events

The Chester Cycling Campaign offers a number of inclusive cycling support events. These events are organised by Eileen Morgan, the Campaign’s Inclusive Cycling Officer. Greenway Inclusive Buddy Rides If you have your own non-standard, power-assisted [More….]

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Bike Maintenance

Free Basic Bike Maintenance Guides

It is easy to carry out many bike maintenance tasks yourself. Learning a few simple skills can save you money and can help get you back on the road if you have a puncture or [More….]

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Inclusive Cycling

Making the Greenway More Accessible

Eileen Morgan, the Inclusive Cycling Officer for Chester Cycling Campaign, has recently had 2 big successes: Getting the Mickle Trafford barrier on the Millennium Greenway changed so that it is now accessible. Receiving local and [More….]

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What is a Sportive/Audax Ride?

A sportive or audax (also known as a randonnée) is an organised cycling event designed to present a challenge to you as an individual. Most are one day events. Distances, rules, level of support, recognition [More….]