Campaign Denounces Reckless Cycling

Concerns are often expressed about conflict between cyclists and other users of the Chester Millennium Greenway, local pavements and on the footbridge at the end of Ferry Lane. Several past incidents have resulted in fairly [More….]

Share With Care Blacon Event
Millennium Greenway

Share With Care Awareness Events Held

In response to recent and ongoing concern at the level of conflict between pedestrian and cyclist users of local shared-use paths, Sustrans and Chester Cycling Campaign have been holding awareness raising events on local cycle [More….]

Micke Trafford Extension to the Greenway
Cycle Path Updates

Mickle Trafford Greenway Extension

One of Chester’s main Cycle Demonstration Town infrastructure projects, an extension of the Chester Millennium Greenway , opened on 25 October 2009. This provides residents of Guilden Sutton and Mickle Trafford with a traffic-free route [More….]