Chester Cycle Network Tube Map Published

Chester Cycle Network Tube Map
Chester Cycle Network Tube Map

The University of Chester and the Chester Cycling Campaign have together produced a colourful graphical ‘tube map’ depicting routes for cyclists between key destinations in the city and beyond. Based on the design style of the famous London Underground map, cycle tube maps serve a similar purpose in giving cyclists a quick overview of the local cycle network.

Cycle tube maps are also a useful lobbying tool as the maps illustrate easily to local decision-makers where a desired network of infrastructure would be best placed and what the current quality of the network is. As shortcomings in the local network are readily visible on the maps, they can aid the planning of new cycle infrastructure.

The local Chester Cycle Network Tube Map shows off-road, quiet and segregated cycle routes in and around the city. University of Chester students will find it particularly useful in planning journeys between University sites, including Thornton Science Park, Kingsway and the main Parkgate campus.

There are broadly four types of routes detailed on the map: traffic free, segregated cycle paths, cycle routes on road and those for experienced cyclists only. Each type of route is colour coded for easy identification. The map is available as a free PDF download below. Printed copies of the map are also available to students at the University of Chester.

We hope you find this map useful. Please use the comment form below if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the map.

Chester Cycle Network Tube Map


  1. We will be visiting Chester for two nights on my way North. We will have our bikes with us and will use them as a way to see and get around Chester. I find your “ tube map” very useful and look forward to trying some of the routes. I think this is a good piece of work that could be adapted in many other parts of the UK to help people find the local routes and prepare them for the heavy traffic areas.

    I think it is unfortunate that others have used the opportunity to comment on the map as a forum to their air grievances with other road users. A little tolerance of our fellow man would go a long way!

  2. Really Pauline? EVERY single cyclist? You have me worried now because I have absolutely no memory of ever having done this, maybe I should see a doctor about my memory loss…

    Try to engage your brain before you make sweeping generalisations, it would increase your credibility quite a lot you know..

    Seriously though, cyclists who make themselves a nuisance riding on pavements, running red lights, not using lights at night etc etc really annoy me because they ruin things for the vast majority of sensible people on bikes out there. I don’t want my life endangered by a frustrated motorist because their last encounter with a cyclist angered them so much they disregard my safety.

    Cycle lanes that share pavements are always a difficult one to fathom for both riders and pedestrians I find, each group thinks they have right of way, in most cases they don’t and the simple act of showing your fellow path user a bit of courtesy goes a long way. Parents and dog owners do have to take a bit of responsibility however, you wouldn’t let your child/dog run out into the road, so please try to keep them away from cycle lanes.

    It’s a sad fact that some of us, pedestrians, cyclists, other road users think we have absolute right of way in a lot of situations and it’s a culture we need to move away from, when it comes to a mixof cars, lorries, buses, two wheeled vehicles and pedestrians the current attitude of arrogant self entitlement costs lives every day.
    It’s time we changed…

  3. Perhaps it’s. because of idiot car drivers and limited road space eg Hoole Bridge forcing them off the road?
    Pedestrians are no angels on the Cycle Path often with uncontrolled animals and children creating additional cycling hazards, not forgetting walking 4 abreast the path…
    Final point; count the numbers of cyclist on the pavement and road and you’ll find the former are a very small minority.

  4. Why bother producing a tube map for cyclists when they just ride on the pavements irresponsibly endangering pedestrians ?
    When reproached for this they just respond with vile expletives and a threat of violence.

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