Cycle Parking Guidance

Encouraging cycling includes meeting the need for cyclists to be able to park their bikes safely and securely when they arrive at their destinations.  Too often cycle parking is badly designed, poorly sited, or insecure.

Taking some simple planning steps when installing cycle parking can easily avoid these problems.  The Chester Cycling Campaign is pleased to be able to provide this clear, attractive and detailed Cycle Parking Guide which has been written by our colleagues in the Cambridge Cycling Campaign. Feel free to download a copy and make use of it when planning cycle parking on your site.

Click here to download the Cycle Parking Guide

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  1. secure Cycle parking in the city is a must.
    The cycle planner is good but would be better if it included cycle parking and other facilities, cycle shops on it.
    We are attending events this week end about local community awareness and the 2050 report (now why has this report been taken OFF the Chester CC web site? as it was a useful .pdf file)
    Also a downloadable map planner to be incorporated into tomtom cycle GPS or other system would be good. At the very least Chester cycle parking areas, cycle routes, etc would be very useful.

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