Cycling Infrastructure Improvements List

New Bike Racks at Station
New Bike Racks at Station

Perhaps all Chester cyclists have in the back of their minds a mental list of the infrastructure improvements that they would like to see to make it easier and safer to cycle in the city on a daily basis.

The Chester Cycling Campaign decided to combine all of our wishlists into one spreadsheet which could be used in our work with the council and other bodies. For example, Cheshire West and Chester Council need to have a list of ‘shovel ready’ projects for when unanticipated short-term funding becomes available. So we thought we could help out with our list.

The list (which can be accessed using the link below) includes fields such as Priority, Usage, Potential Benefits, Relative Cost, and an estimate of the Cost/Benefit Ratio for each proposed improvement.

Local cyclists are invited to study the list to see if the list includes everything on your own personal wishlist. If you have any comments or potential additions, then why not consider joining the Campaign, coming along to a meeting, or contacting your local councillor to discuss your ideas!

Cycling Infrastructure Improvements List (Version 2.2, PDF File, 439 KB)


  1. 2 ‘simple wins’?:-
    1)dropped kerb for ‘feeder path’ from Border Way (off Pearl Lane) up to riing road cyclepath.
    (2)dropped kerb in Tesco’s (Sealand Road)car park from pedestrian crossing at Stadium Way/Sealand Road junction

  2. I am puzzled as to why the long proposed new cyclepath over the River Dee is not listed.

  3. I have emailed CWaC’s planning officer re the 2000 homes being built on Sutton New Hall Farm to include a cycle/footpath to Capenhurst Station and Hooton Station from this estate. I await his reply.

  4. A multi use path from Foxhall Road, Great Sutton, along the side of Capenhurst works to the transformer access road at Capenhurst Railway Station would make the station accessible on foot to the housing estate, as well as the cycleway. Currently you have to go all the way round on the A41 so people drive.
    All that is required is to make a local house owner unlock a gate to the Electricity Board land he has leased to keep his back quiet. Dog walkers would have some where to go too.
    The old path would soon reestablish its self through the field.

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