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Cyclist on Boardwalk Across Burton Point Marshes
Cyclist on Boardwalk Across Burton Point Marshes

The cyclepath link between Deeside Industrial Park, Burton and Neston is one of the jewels in the crown of Chester’s cycling infrastructure.  Sustrans, Cheshire West and Chester Council and Flintshire County Council constructed a 3m wide cyclepath running adjacent to the Railway line and the MOD Sealand Range. The path then crosses the marsh on a raised wooden boardwalk before connecting Burton, Little Neston, and Neston with additional sections of tarmacked pathway.

There is no direct access to the RSPB reserve or Ness Gardens from the route.  So if you plan to visit either of these, you need to leave the route and enter using the access used by motorised traffic.

There are refreshments available at the Harp pub which has a great beer garden overlooking the estuary and in Parkgate, including the famous ice cream shop.

Nettie's Cafe at Burton Marshes
Nettie’s Cafe at Burton Marshes

There is also a cyclist friendly cafe at Denhall Lane, Net’s Cafe. The cafe is open every day, 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Click on the link below for a map of the access point from the Deeside Industrial Park.

 Burton Marsh NCN 568 Map of Access from Deeside Industrial Park 

The Chester Cycling Campaign highly recommends this vital, safe, and traffic free link between the Wirral and the NCN Route 5 to Connah’s Quay, Flint, Prestatyn, Conway and beyond.


  1. There’s a great big sign just past the harp instructing cyclists to give way to pedestrians (on the left heading away from marshlands road way). It’s no mystery who has priority on these paths maybe cyclists should slow down so they can read the sign. I say this as a cyclist and dog owner. And (little) nestoner.

  2. I have been running, walking and cycling this route regularly for 47 years

    I have never had a problem with dogs, cyclists or walkers

    This maybe because I like dogs, cyclists and walkers

  3. I have been using Wirral way through to Chester greenway for the last 6/7 years mostly as a cyclist but also walking and birdwatching.It is a fabulous facility and there is enough space for all of us to share and enjoy.I have found most users to be courteous and while cycling always warn those not facing me by ringing a bell and saying thank you when they respond appropriately. I have come across a few large groups of walkers and cyclists who are either oblivious to the presence of others of who do not care but these are rare. I have also been chased by loose dogs and have come across some people with too many dogs to control
    Overall I enjoy the safety of the traffic free paths and love to see them being well used.For those cyclists who wish to time trial and dog walkers who cannot control their dogs I suggest they find more appropriate locations that are less well used.
    I am looking forward to grandchildren get into cycling by using these safe spaces to build up confidence a d hope to continue myself for many years yet!

  4. I have a disability and yesterday stupidly went for a walk on the shared pedestrian and cycle path near the Harp pub in Neston to Burton.Dangerous.Some cyclists were good and kept to rules. If all had,it would have been fine. Majority we saw were going too fast,no attempt at social distancing, no face coverings and some actually spitting (ugh) or talking while cycling towards people. Some walkers were angry at me for walking slowly and they couldn’t get past as they would be run over by cyclists.Some dog owners can’t understand why their dog should be on a lead. A nice walk in beautiful scenery was very tense. I was trying to get some sightings of Marsh and Hen Harriers,but no close sightings due to the sheer numbers of people making a lot of noise. I worry that the lack of social distancing will lead to the route being closed or,even worse, people dying because of Covid infection. Please follow basic and sensible rules. Just because someone is on a bike doesn’t mean they can’t wait for others. It is not a race track.

  5. The Gates to access from Burton has been chain locked.
    We use this for excess to TaTa Steel works shotton from the Wirral.
    Can this please be removed ASAP.

    • Got caught out by this yesterday. The farmer reckons the RSPB have closed it off following excessive picnicking and social meeting up over the bank holiday weekend.
      Not really sure about how this works as there were bikes coming from both sides of the gate yesterday which suggests there is not advance warning on either side (certainly there isn’t coming from the Chester direction – the first notice is on the gate itself)
      I don’t really see cyclists getting into groups and picnicking as such. Maybe stopping for a flask and a biscuit, but hardly picnicking. I can only assume it is people arriving in cars from the Neston side

  6. I would like to ask why do so many of you dog owners who think it’s fine to pick up your dog crap in a bag and then throw it into trees and bushes or leave it on the floor next to a full bin for others to admire? If you have a dog clean up it’s mess and take it home if there are no bins. The same goes for people leaving litter. This route is of national significance for the wildlife and habitat yet a small minority would rather it look like the inside of their own homes. Yes,I am a cyclist and no I don’t like dogs or their owners.

    • While I think you make a valid point regarding inconsiderate owners and their dogs not respecting the environment, I believe it’s fair to say there are cyclists whom also behave in a selfish way on these paths and generalizing all pet owners with the same brush only goes to show your own blatant and glaring ignorance and shows you for the miserable moronic idiot you are with your statement.

  7. I’m a mountain bike rider and walker and have used this particular path for both walking and riding. You get good and bad in both worlds but cyclists tend not to leave dog poo everywhere. Sorry but before dog owners say it is only a very small minority that do this the evidence clearly suggests otherwise, it’s everywhere you go.

  8. I only discovered this route this year, as i only recently began cycling, after many years bereft of a bicycle. Yes, there is sheep muck and a lot of gates, but the ride is superb and I often begin from Sealand, or Deeside Industrial Estate zone 3, where there is no good parking and marked cycle lanes. I have experienced problems with cyclists, on what appear to be time trials, who give me and my arthritic knees little room. Some cyclists will insist on not giving way at all, but most are courteous. I ring my bell for walkers, who I must say, cause me the most worry, as they often meander along regardless, or can’t control their dogs. There are signs along the Greenway and up the Wirral Way, which ask dog owners to keep their dogs on leads, but sadly, there are some owners, who ignore this, but are not able to control the dog, which can result in calamity. I was spoken to quite badly by someone as I rang my bell. to warn of my approach. I don’t understand the rudeness. It is a cycle and pedestrian route for all, and we all need to be courteous and considerate toward each other. I cycle off road to avoid cars and wagons and the impatience on the roads, only to be met with it to a certain extent on the cycle paths, which is a shame, as the route is wonderful and there’s the lovely Net’s cafe entice the bacon and cake lovers!!

    • The sheep mess has increased massively of late. Looks like it’s deliberately spread there to deter cyclists, walkers. Maybe a farmer being upset by a member of public

  9. I’m I right in thinking that this is a cycle route . Built to link the Wirral , Cheshire and Wales national cycle way.

  10. I walked today (midday Sunday) this route for first time with a dog on a lead from Harp Inn to Sealand Ranges and back. There were literally hundreds of cyclists. I had to give way to single cyclists and groups of up to 10 continually. They all seemed to believe it was purely a cycle route and walkers were in their way. Sometimes they were two or three abreast and some at great speed. It was very unpleasant and other walkers were saying the same. I often couldnt hear them till they were a yard behind me. I lost count of times I had to pull into a patch of nettles. Does anyone know when is a good time to walk without so much cycle traffic please?

    • On behalf of ignorant cyclists (I’m one with manners) I apologize. There are unfortunately a number of cyclists who thinm they’re in the TDF and won’t slow down and consider others. There are also numerous so called “serious riders” who look upon ringing a warning bell in good time as some sort of weakness, and having a bell on their bike in the first place, as something only lesser riders have.
      Having said that there ARE numerous dog owners who don’t have their dog under control on a lead and allow the dog to wander left, right, and always which can be dangerous to both cyclists and dogs even at low speeds.
      I think ALL OF US need to be considerate to others and understand each others viewpoint.

    • Derry, I live locally to this route and have used it for many years. This is something we have to deal with on a daily basis. Cyclist think that they own the whole path and it is there’s and there’s alone. Even when I was teaching my daughter how to ride a bike a took her down to the pathway and still they didn’t show any respect to other users. I don’t want to give ALL cyclist a bad name but it is there to share. Come on prove me wrong!

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