Brilliant Effective Cycle Campaigning Presentation!

Effective Campaigning - CycleSheffield CycleSheffield have produced an engaging and effective presentation regarding cycle campaigning strategies and methods.  This presentation was shown at the 2015 CycleNation Conference in Liverpool and at a Cycling Campaign meeting in Chester.  The presentation challenges many of the preconceived notions regarding usual campaigning methods.

Motivation rather than education is the key.  Campaigns need to harness the concerns of local people (not just cyclists) and to motivate people to turn those concerns into action. Pictures are more powerful than words.  Good pictures tell a story and can be a very effective campaigning tool.

This presentation has led many local cycle activists to rethink how local cycle campaigning issues might be approached in future.

Click the link below to open the presentation as a PDF file (2.7 MB).

CycleSheffield Effective Cycle Campaigning Presentation

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