Free Tool Loan for Members

Image of Campaign work standThe Campaign has purchased a decent quality, stable cycle workstand and a full set of cycle tools for exclusive use of our members free of charge.

Borrowing these will enable you to carry out any repair or upgrade tasks which you may be planning, saving the expense of buying something which you may use only occasionally. The tools can also be borrowed for use at public facing events, like Dr Bike Sessions, etc.

The toolkit contains a lot of what you’ll typically need, but not every specialist item:

Campaign Bike Toolkit Inventory List

Borrowers are responsible for the safekeeping of the tools. Initially the tools can be borrowed for a two week loan period without charge.  No deposit is required for Campaign members.

Members can email our membership secretary if they wish to borrow the stand and/or the toolkit: 

Image of toolkitPhoto of additional bike tools

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  1. This is brilliant and will be a help to many members, when you need that cycle-specific tool which you couldn’t justify buying. Thanks very much.

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