Get Your Bike Ready For Winter

Bike in Winter Snow
Get Your Bike Ready for Winter

With climate change perhaps leading to more severe winters in Chester, it is more important than ever to ensure that you and your bike are ready for winter cycling.  Snow and ice create particular hazards for those on two wheels.  It is incredible how quickly a bike can slip out from underneath a rider on an icy road.

However, winter weather is no excuse to pack away the bike for the season.  With the right preparation and clothing, cycling can be a pleasurable year-round activity!   Follow the tips in the handy PDF guide below to get yourself and your bike ready for the winter.

A Guide to Winter Cycling

Thanks to Decathlon for providing the guide.


  1. Should we have an article about ‘Getting ones Bike ready for Spring’? It could be as simple as bringing it to Bren Bikes for a health check (£25) or join Chester Cycling Campaign (£10) and request the free bike check, which does the same job but can even be done at your home .

    • Absolutely, I’m a fan of BREN’S BIKES support them as much as possible

  2. Not sure what some of the earlier comments have to do with getting ones bike ready for winter but i recognise the problem.

  3. I have long been a believer of Sharing the Cycle ways with dog walkers but over the last 12 months I have seen increasing evidence of Dog Owners just dumping their Doggy Bags of Poo, rather than putting them in the Bins provided. Sometimes I have seen these bags hanging in the trees and in which case they are not only unsightly but they do not Bio Degrade! What is the answer? Do we ask the Council to provide more Bins or make the Dog Owners more aware of their responsibility.
    Any comments on the subject are welcomed.

    • more bins of course.i have a dog during the summer i took our dog for long leisurely a responsible owner.on the way back after walking out to deeside and the fields.the only doggypoo bin is at blacon.and top of the ramp.leading off the tracks.onto highfield rd.if yr dog does a poop at start of the have to walk a mile with yr hand.and back another bin would be end.before the fields.and as its a long walk.maybe another inbetween.for the people who cant walk far.its the same up to deeside.not many bins.i understand why pple dump hot weather.i tend to leave them on ground and pick them up later on way back.

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