Let’s Get Girls on Their Bikes!

An interesting project in Darlington aiming to get teen-age girls cycling persuaded a group of young women from Darlington to take up cycling for a year. As part of the project, the group visited Bremen, where cycling is as natural as lip gloss to teenage girls. There they exchanged views, hints and tips with their German counterparts and enjoyed trips along the town’s cycle paths.

The following YouTube video of their experiences provides some insights into what kind of approach might work with this group of potential cyclists.  Richard Grassick, spokesman for the project, said: “The film aims to show how much fun girls can have when they cycle, and how liberating a means of transport it can be, allowing girls to be mobile without relying on public transport or their parents’ cars.”

Darlington is both a Cycling Demonstration Town and a Sustainable Travel Demonstration Town.  Chester could perhaps learn from Darlington’s work, and establish an initiative aimed at teen-age girls, a group which is one of the most under-represented amongst local cyclists.

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