A Beginners Guide to Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are becoming more popular as the technology develops.  Efficient motors combined with high capacity batteries make electric bikes more reliable and more feasible as a daily transport option now than they were 10 years ago.

Electric bikes will appeal to some cyclists who would otherwise struggle to use an ordinary bike:

  • older cyclists who are no longer as fit as they once were
  • cyclists with a variety of physical disabilities who have limited strength in their lower limbs
  • cyclists who live in hilly areas where greater strength is required to get uphill
  • others with limited fitness levels who feel that realistically they may be unable to

Several local retailers sell electric bikes, and you are advised to look at as many machines as possible, taking them for a test drive to see which might best meet your needs.  Pay attention to charging times and the distances that can be travelled on each charge, which will, of course, depend on your speed, the terrain, and the level of assist setting.

If you are unfamiliar with the latest electric bike technology, then check out this animated graphic that Evelo made giving us a breakdown of how electric bikes work:
Electric Bike Graphic

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