Can You Help the Campaign?

The Campaign is always pleased to hear from new activist volunteers who would like to use their skills and time to help with various aspects of the Campaign – the more activists there are the stronger, the campaign and the more effective can be in helping to make Chester a true Cycling City.

Some of the roles we would like to fill are:

  • Monitoring Development Control applications – by monitoring planning applications on-line, the campaign is able to comment on relevant development proposals locally and through making comments it helps to ensure that appropriate infrastructure is put in place and paid for by developers right from the start in order to encourage cycling.
  • Producing the Monthly Members’ E-bulletins – these are circulated by email to current Cycling Campaign members to keep them up to date with Campaign actions and activities. These are created using MailPoet, an email newsletter tool which is simple to use.
  • Producing the Quarterly ‘Cycling Matters!’ newsletter – the monthly e-bulletins circulated to members provide plenty of material for the quarterly ‘hard copy’ Cycling Matters! newsletters to be produced and printed, ready for distribution to local cycle shops and libraries, surgeries etc. If there was someone familiar with Microsoft Publisher or similar who could produce the Quarterly Cycling Matters! newsletters, it would relieve the hard pressed core activists of one less task.
  • Organising Dr Bike sessions for the public – The Campaign has discovered that Dr. Bike sessions are an excellent way of engaging with the public and helping to promote the campaign and get more support – anyone who knows basic cycle maintenance and can follow the checklists which are already available can help with running these sessions – anyone interested?
  • Publicity Stalls – The Campaign has a range of publicity material and displays that can be used at all sorts of public events to promote the campaign message – display boards, portable tables, leaflets are all available – an organiser for events would certainly help to increase the Campaign profile locally.
  • Volunteering at events – The campaign always could do with a bank of volunteers who could be contacted to help out for a few hours at public events the campaign is invited to attend (e.g. Chester/Liverpool Bike Ride, environmental events, might publicity stalls publicity stalls, Dr. Bike – anyone available?
  • Leading on a campaign area – (e.g cycle parking,promoting cycling with employers, safe route to school etc.) The Campaign is as effective and energetic as the people involved – if you have a pet cycling gripe why not lead on a campaign to rectify it and help improve things for cycling in Chester – we would love to hear from you!

If you are interested in getting more involved with the Campaign in any way, please contact us through the link below:

Contact Us

Alternatively come along to the next Campaign meeting. We extend a warm welcome to any member who would like to attend. 

Monthly Meeting Details


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