Hoole Road Bridge Options Paper

Hoole Road Bridge Death Trap

Hoole Road Bridge is widely regarded as being one of the most hostile stretches of road for cyclists in Chester. As this is a main route into the city centre, the noise and danger involved in crossing this bridge is a significant deterrent to those who might cycle into town from Hoole and neighbouring districts.

Back in 2009 Cheshire County Council commissioned a report into ways to improve the dreadful conditions for cyclists and pedestrians on this bridge. No action has ever been taken as a result of the report due to the cost and complexity of some of the solutions proposed.  However, the report is necessary reading for those who have a wish to see improvements on this route into the city centre.

Click the link below to read the full report.

Hoole Road Bridge Pedestrian Improvement and Footbridge Feasibility Report

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  1. Congratulations on the site. The Merseyside Cycling Campaign wish CCC success as a Cycle Demonstration Town and invite all to log on to MCC,s website to see developments on Merseyside [or even lack of them sometimes].

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