Try the Meadow Lea Farm Cafe at Mickle Trafford at End of Greenway

Meadow Lea Farm Coffee Shop
Meadow Lea Farm Coffee Shop

Cyclists in need of refreshment now have a great place to stop at the Mickle Trafford end of the Millennium Greenway.  Meadow Lea Farm Coffee Shop serves drinks, cakes and snacks to hungry cyclists and walkers.

To find the coffee shop, go to the end of the Greenway at Mickle Trafford.  Turn right and the coffee shop is 200 metres on the left.

The cafe is open 7 days per week from 10am to 4pm.

Click here for a sample menu.


  1. Excellent stopover local farm produce used in food if not vegan or vegetarian try the sausages!

  2. It’s a great place- well situated and highly recommended. Heaps of bikes outside of a Sunday!

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