How to Prevent Your Bike From Being Stolen

Bike Being StolenWith recent research revealing that the vast majority of stolen bikes are never recovered and returned to their owners, cyclists need to focus on how to prevent their bikes from being stolen in the first place.  

The Directline insurance company have published a detailed guide to bike security which provides advice to cyclists on the following topics:

  • Registering and marking your bike
  • Recording details of your bike
  • The best locks to use for your bike
  • Securing your bike while you’re out and about
  • Securing your bike at home
  • What to do if your bike is stolen

Check out the guide to ensure that you are taking bike theft seriously and are taking all the necessary steps to protect your treasured bike.  Also, keep an eye out for bike marking and bike registration events which the police run periodically in Chester.  

Directline Bike Security Guide

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