Problem and Danger Spots for Cyclists

Mountain Bike on GroundThe Chester Cycling Campaign has been concerned to hear of a number of serious injuries caused to cyclists where deficiencies in the local cycling infrastructure have been a contributing factor. It has become clear that there are a number of problem spots which cyclists need to be aware of so that extra caution can be used.

The Campaign is noting these problems so that we can press the responsible authorities to take steps to make cycling safer for Chester cyclists. Problem areas noted so far include:

Boardwalk Path Behind Apartments off New Crane Street

The boarded surface on this stretch of the riverside path is extremely slippery when wet or in icy conditions. Several cyclists have come off here and sustained injuries. Extreme caution should be used on this path, as the surface becomes slick with even a small amount of moisture.

Cattle Grid at Neston End of Dee Marshes Path on Sustrans Route 568

Like many grids, this one is dangerous if it is not taken at a right angle to the slots. However, the problem isn’t so much the grid itself, as its location next to a 90 degree bend. Either the bend or the grid can trap the unwary too often. Several cyclists have come off their bikes here and been injured. Take care!

Gorse Stacks by New Bus Station

At the northern end of the shared use path opposite the new bus station on Gorse Stacks, a sign directs cyclists to return to the carriageway as they ride up George Street towards Northgate. However many motorists coming along Delamere Street assume that George Street and Gorse Stacks is one way and frequently use the north bound carriageway.

There is a sign in the carriageway to show that Gorse Stacks is one way opposite the bus stands, but nothing to indicate that it is two way beforehand. As a consequence any cyclist following the instructions on the blue sign to return to the carriageway can soon find themselves facing on-coming traffic that assumes it is in a one way system.

Access Barriers on River Dee Path

The barriers used on this path west of Chester from Ferry Lane onwards are too narrow to allow wheelchair users, those using trikes, cargo bikes or child trailers to pass through. While they help prevent the use of the path by those on motorcycles, they block the use of the path by the above groups of legitimate users.

Barriers Around the Deeside Industrial Estate

New barriers have been installed on Sustrans Route 568 alongside the industrial estate on the way to the Dee Marshes. Again, these barriers are very narrow, failing to allow wheelchair users, those using trikes, cargo bikes or child trailers to pass through. The stated purpose of these barriers is to slow down cyclists to prevent collisions with the heavy goods vehicles in the area. Unfortunately, they act as unnecessary obstacles for cyclists, with the resulting perverse effect of leading many cyclists to use the busy road itself rather than the cycle path, thus arguably placing themselves in greater danger.

Report Further Problem and Danger Spots

We encourage local cyclists to let us know of any other danger spots so that we can note them and take matters up with the responsible authorities. Use the form below to get in touch.



  1. The Campaign’s page says “We encourage local cyclists to let us know of any other danger spots so that we can note them and take matters up with the responsible authorities. Use the form below to get in touch.” but do we take these matters up? I’m not sure anybody is following this up. Better still, register them on here if you wish, but report them yourself to your local council e.g. for Cheshire West and Chester via the REPORT IT app.

  2. Deeside Industrial Estate Route 568
    Many changes are taking place. Caution is required until all works are complete.
    New Shared paths are going in with cyclists and walkers having rights of way at most factory entrances, ( Not All ) In parts a new one way system for vehicle traffic has gone in and not all drivers are aware of this. Sat Navs have not been updated and many foreign drivers visit here. Hopefully all the work including signs and signage will be complete in a few weeks. Cyclists should take care.

  3. Hi, I see that the boardwalk between the racecourse and the Dee is stated as hazardous. I would like to log that the ornamental surface before the Dee is also hazardous when wet. I came off on some stone cobble two nights ago fracturing my elbow. In the future I when following 568 I will miss the section around the racecourse and behind the apartment blocks and use the road to join the Dee path on sealand road.

  4. The B5129 from Saltney Ferry to the A380 factory is awful. I came off there last year because I got squeezed to the edge of the carriageway by a close passing car and the carriageway just crumbles to nothing at the edge, so you can lose your wheel off the carriageway with no way to get it back.

  5. Danger spot for cyclists:- you have come out of town on your bike along the A5115 Whichchurch Rd. You are at the front of the queue at the red traffic lights at the Sainsbury’s “hamburger” roundabout. You want to go straight on towards The Trooper. Lights change to green and you start off. Car behind overtakes but intends to turn left for the Vicars Cross traffic lights thinking, presumably, that you, too, are turning left. Result: collision. Nearly happened to me more than once. Remedy:- signal right on starting off while taking a more assertive position nearer the middle of the lane. The danger is quickly over and and going back to the left of the lane can be done in about 5 seconds.
    2nd danger spot…everywhere:- don’t cycle after dark unless you know every pothole on your route. You can’t be expected to see potholes in time with a cycle light. They have become more numerous and large in recent months. If you hit one, as I did recently, consider yourself lucky if you merely wreck your front wheel. The event could be life changing or even life threatening.

  6. I’d add: Bollards along the Groves, near River Dee bandstand and suspension bridge. This is a way marked cycle route, but it is blocked at both ends by black bollards that are hard to see at night.

    • Never mind the bollards. Pedestrians wandering in and out of the cycle lane between the suspension bridge and Hickories are a nightmare

  7. The road surface on the B5132 in Little Barrow outside the farm called Pym C&D is very rough. I had my hands bounced off my handlebars and lost control of my bike ending up in a crash and lots of cuts and bruises. I was just fortunate that there were no cars about as I ended up on the wrong side of the road. I have seen other cyclists come off here too so I feel that I should let other cyclists know they need to exercise caution when approaching. It should be reported to the council as the road needs to be resurfaced there urgently.

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