Report Hazardous Potholes to Make Our Roads Safer for Cyclists

Potholes in the roadPotholes in roads present a particular hazard for cyclists. If cyclists need to swerve suddenly to avoid a pothole, the movement can place them in the way of motor traffic.  Riding over a pothole can damage a cycle wheel or can pitch a cyclist into the road with the risk of potentially serious injuries.

Potholes can be reported via Cheshire West and Cheshire Council’s ‘Report It’ facility on their website.  Action is only taken on potholes which meet the council’s criteria which are primarily relevant to motorists rather than cyclists.   When reporting a road defect and where relevant, it would be worth mentioning where the defect might be particularly dangerous for a cyclist.  A 40mm deep hole may be the criterion for a repair but a pothole 20mm deep can tip a cyclist off in some circumstances. 

Potholes can also be reported through Cycling UK’s Fill That Hole website.

Any member of the public can visit the Fill That Hole website to report potholes in the road.  All reports are forwarded on to the relevant Highway Authority for priority action.  If any accidents to cyclists occur at the reported site after the report, Cycling UK will be able to provide legally valid evidence of the report for any legal purposes.

Reporting potholes is important in order to help make roads safer for cyclists and to ensure that the council is aware of the growing extent of the problem. 



  1. The Cheshire West REPORT IT app, when used on a smartphone, allows easy reporting and generally results in a quick acknowledgement from CWAC Highways. Make sure to include a photo that gives some context, not just a picture of the hole. Take care that the locator pin is accurately placed otherwise they can’t find the hole. Anything less than 40mm deep (!!) is unlikely to be repaired as it is deemed acceptable apparently.

  2. The cycle way between Blacon (Saughall Road) and Chester canal has severe cracking in the tarmac. Some of these cracks are wide enough for a cycle wheel to fit in making it very dangerous for cyclists especially in the upcoming shorter days/darker nights. Please can this be assessed and repaired as a matter of urgency.

  3. The above link appears to work!! I reported two major and a number os less serious potholes on Ermine Rd just before Christmas. The two major ones were patched a couple of weeks ago (the others were not touched and are now deteriorating seriously. Time for more reporting………….

  4. Parkgate road, from the Yacht pub to the small chapel, there a re a few very deep grids , and after the tragic deaths further up this road, i would have thought that Cwac staff would have been and repaired them sooner.

    Also the road from Wales into Saughall and onto Parkgate road again is an absolute disgrace, numerous potholes, cars poorly parked, cars on pavements etc.

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