How to Submit Camera Footage to the Cheshire Police

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The Chester Cycling Campaign supports the efforts of Cheshire Police in making local roads safer for all road users. Prompt and firm action against drivers committing offences which put cyclists and other vulnerable road users at risk is an important element of achieving this aim.

Road traffic incidents can be reported to the Cheshire Police using their online reporting tool. Traffic incidents include road traffic collisions, close passes and potential road traffic offences.

To use the system, you will need the exact location of the incident as well as any camera footage or photographic evidence. Once you start the process, you will be guided through the process with appropriate advice offered as you complete the various sections.

Please report any incidents that you witness to help us to improve road conditions for cyclists by changing driver behaviour. Here are a few tips to make your footage useful to the police.

In order to respond most effectively to camera footage reporting dangerous driving, Cheshire Police have implemented their own requirements for submissions. Note that these are more stringent than those used in some other areas of the country.  Local police advise you to:

  • Have clear footage that identifies the full vehicle registration of the incident you are reporting.
  • Report the incident within 72 hours of the time of the incident you are reporting.
  • Completed and upload your required statement.
  • Supply a copy of your footage / photographic evidence (captures the time around the incident).
  • Be willing to attend court if required to do so, otherwise Cheshire Police may not be able to deal with this incident.

Ideally the footage should cover two minutes on either side of the incident. However, if you find that your files are too large to upload, then Cheshire Police suggest that cutting them to 30 seconds to a minute either side of the incident is usually acceptable. Failing that, footage can be split in half and submitted as two separate attachments.

Click Here to Report a Road Incident to the Cheshire Police



  1. I’ve submitted camera footage to Cheshire Police of cars and lorries clipping me while riding and every time they’ve said there’s nothing they can do about it.

    Meanwhile, I understand they have been out in the city centre again today fining cyclists trying to get from the Forum to the cycle lane on Northgate Street yet turning a blind eye to the vans blocking the cycle lane, and the convoys of vehicles rat running along Northgate Street and past the police station!

  2. BLO*DY BRILLIANT. A real step forward in road and cycle safety. Motorists must learn their license is to drive not kill. Zero tolerance on the 5 foot rule and other bad driving with education/fines/points is essential for a few weeks to get the message across. PLEASE FORWARD TO ALL POLICE FORCES.

    • yes Zero tolerance for cyclists do wrong and car drivers cyclists need to keep to the law as well.

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